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Wombats City Hostel Munich

Group of 15 or more?

Contact our Group Travel team directly for a tailor made solution for your group

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Wombats City Hostel Munich Located at Senefelderstrasse 1, , Munich.
Wombats City Hostel Munich
Munich Senefelderstrasse 1
90% 19216
48.1389289 11.5603637
Wombats City Hostel Munich
    Huoneita saatavilla 10 sänky Sekamajoitus Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc Yksityinen Parivuode Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc Yksityinen 2Hh Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc 8 sänky Sekamajoitus Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc 6 sänky Sekamajoitus Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc 6 sänky Naisten Asuntola 6 sänky Sekamajoitus Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc Yksityinen Parivuode Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc 8 sänky Sekamajoitus Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc 6 sänky Naisten Asuntola Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc Yksityinen 2Hh Huoneessa Kylpyamme / Wc

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Pe 9 jou 2016 - Ma 12 jou 2016 Muuta.

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" Very nice hostel with a great location 1 minute walk from the train central station of Munich. Rooms are very big, and each person has a cabin which is automatically locked with a card. There is the chance to buy breakfast for 4.5Euros which in Munich is a good price, and also prices for other food in the bar are attractive. Next to the kitchen there is like a lounge where you can also spend your time. Maybe not the cheapest option in Munich, but for that quality I wouldnt expect to pay less "

- Nimetön
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Wombats City Hostel Munich sanoo

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    Klaus, CFO Wombats
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Bookings can be changed and cancelled up to 24 HOURS prior to arrival. In case of a No-Show or delayed cancellation request, the amount of the FIRST night will be charged.

SPECIAL Cancellation Conditions
OKTOBERFEST: Bookings can be cancelled or changed up to 72 hours prior to arrival. (No Shows or delayed cancellation requests will be charged the TOTAL AMOUNT of your stay.)

The rates given on this site don't include breakfast. Our all-you-can-eat continental buffet brekkie costs €4.50. You don't need to 'reserve' for breakfast, just come 'round to the reception in the morning if your belly claims its independence.

Please note that there's no check-in before 2pm (we need to clean the rooms first!). You may leave your stuff with the reception though and come back later.

There's sometimes a weird remark on your booking confirmation that your booking is split up into different rooms. Please ignore this, it's a software bug. There are human beings in charge at the hostel and they won't separate you from your friends or make you move to another room every day.

If you are travelling with children, please note, you will have to book a private room-that means either all 6 or 8 dorm beds or a double/twin room to be used only by yourselves. It is not possible to share your bed with your kid or the room with your kid and other travelers.

After your stay, you'll receive an email which gives you the chance to let us know what you liked and what you didn't like. We appreciate your feedback! Quite a few things you will find in our hostel were not our idea - your fellow travellers suggested them!

For a small fee you can park your car in our garage.
We are SO sorry but there's no kitchen. It’s a shame, we know. Unlike our other hostels, Wombats Munich does not have a communal kitchen because there are some ridiculous laws which make it almost impossible...besides that, our landlord wouldn't let us to avoid fire hazard. Check.
Again we truly apologize but it’s like trying to scream down the Great Wall of China if you intend to complain about that - there just won't be a kitchen...ever. -sad-

Cheers for reading this and have a nice trip to Munich.
We look forward to welcoming you!
Your wombat’s crew



  • 2016 1, Suosituimmat München
  • 2015 1, Suosituimmat München
  • 2015 1, Suuri hostelliketju
  • 2014 7, Maailmanlaajuinen suurempi hostelli
  • 2014 1, Suosituimmat München
  • 2013 1, Suosituimmat München
  • 2013 3, Hostelliketju
  • 2012 3, Maailmanlaajuinen suurempi hostelli
  • 2012 1, Suosituimmat München
  • 2012 3, Suuri hostelliketju
  • 2010 1, Hostelliketju
  • 2009 , Paras Suuri Hostelli
  • 2009 1, Hostelliketju
  • 2008 1, Hostelliketju
  • 2007 1, Hostelliketju
  • 2006 6, Koko maailma

  • 2013 Maailmanlaajuinen suurempi hostelli
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