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5 Aamiaismajoitukset kaupungissa Nagasaki, Japani

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HafH Nagasaki SAI
HafH Nagasaki - SAI located in the center of Nagasaki, one of the country 's leading tourist destinations. Space that stimulates creativity by up-and-coming architects, barista, book sommeliers and others. A coworking space surrounded by a camping tool that...
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Casa Blanca Guesthouse
As its name says, ‘Casa Blanca’ which means ‘White house’ in Spanish is colored with totally white-from interior to exterior-, offering a neat and friendly atmosphere. Mainly, interior is designed with blue and white patterns, being used as a traditional...
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Hostel Casa Noda
Casa Noda is a short 4 minute walk from Nagasaki station. Within a 5 minute walk from many tourist attractions such as: Dejima Wharf, Mizube no Mori Park, Dejima History Museum, AMU Plaza, You-Me-Saito. 20 steps away from Goto Machi tram stop, which allows...
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Nagasaki Kagamiya
Welcome to'Once upon a time in Japan' We are Japanese style guest house,cheap hostel. Nagasaki Kagamiya provides you with our rooms reasonably from 2800 yen per night. We hope that you will relax as youre in your relatives house and enjoy meeting other guests....
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ROUTE is a cozy little hostel with full brand new facilities with everything you need. We offer a great place to relax and plan your time in Nagasaki. Our staff have been here for a long time and know a great deal on what Nagasaki has to offer. Feel free...
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Peruuta ilmaiseksi.
Peruuta ilmaiseksi.Joustavat varaus- ja ilmaiset perustusvaihtoehdot.
Miljoonat ovat kokeilleet ja luottaneet siihen.
Miljoonat ovat kokeilleet ja luottaneet siihen.Yli 13 miljoonaa todellista matkailija arvostelua, jotka auttavat sinua valitsemaan.
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Sängyt mihin tahansa budjettiin!Etsi yli 17 700 hostellista 179 maassa ja varaa majoitus helposti.

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