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Quinta das Murtas
Aamiaismajoitukset- 0.58km kaupungin keskustasta
Built in late XIX century Quinta das Murtas embedded in UNESCO's Worlds Heritage. Sintra is a peaceful guesthouse located only 600 meters away from both the train station and the historical center. It has pool, jacuzzi, free parking and WIFI in the living...
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The Five House
Hostelli- 0.38km kaupungin keskustasta
The Five House is a rustic and charming house, traditionally and simplistic decorated. The property is located in a XVIII Century Villa, in the historic centre of Sintra and is, at the same time surrounded by nature, which makes it unique. The house is located...
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Casa Azul Hostel
Hostelli- 0.37km kaupungin keskustasta
Casa Azul Hostel is a classic but young and functional spirit building itself. It has several common areas such as kitchen, dining and living room, bathrooms and outdoor terrace. It is located 10 minutes walk from the historic center of Sintra, near the Museum...
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Moon Hill Hostel
Hostelli- 0.48km kaupungin keskustasta
Our Hostel was designed to bring all the comfort a traveler can get to rest from the busy days one can have in Sintra. We'll have 3 types of rooms: double suites, double rooms with shared bathroom and 4 bed dorms, in a total of 14 rooms and 42 beds. In terms...
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Oasis Backpackers' Hostel Sintra Surf
Hostelli- 7.38km kaupungin keskustasta
Sintra surf, rolls off the tongue. They go together so perfectly. If you’re looking for some surf, some chill and a place to stay, Sintra might just be the place for you. The only problem you might have is choosing what to do with your time... With: locally...
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WOT Sintra Ocean
Hotelli- 7.92km kaupungin keskustasta
Praia das Macas (Apple Beach) is known for its golden sands and the mouth of the river that gives it its name. It is said that in the autumn the river used to transport many apples from the farms it crossed to the sand, giving the beach its name. The WOT...
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WOT Sintra Sarrazola
Hotelli- 6.34km kaupungin keskustasta
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