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Venus Central Sydney - FEMALE ONLY

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Venus Central hostel is an excellent option for women travellers who are looking for a safe and comfortable place to stay in Sydney.
The hostel's commitment to providing a safe and secure space for women is commendable, and the facilities are well-maintained, making it an enjoyable experience for guests.
One of the unique features of Venus Hostel is that it is run 100% by women for women. This ensures that women guests feel welcome, safe, and empowered during their stay. The staff at Venus Hostel are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help guests with anything they need.
We offer 4, 6 y 8 bed rooms with shared bathrooms. Each guest is provided with a private locker in the room to store their belongings securely.

Our mission is to provide a safe and secure place for women travellers from around the world.

The hostel is not responsible for any loss or damage. Guests are responsible for their personal belongings.

Guests are required to be respectful with each other, a change of room or a free booking cancellation will not be authorized due to a discussion among guests. If this is your case, please contact a member of our staff.

If the guest finds any damage to the accommodation please report it immediately, otherwise, if it is considered a damage due to misuse, it will be deducted from the deposit.

Quiet hours: 10 pm-8 am
Reception hours: 10 am-6 pm
The kitchen is open from 7 am-10 pm
Smoking or vapours are not allowed.
You are not allowed to bring in alcohol in the hostel.
Be respectful and mindful of other guests (making loud noises, obstructing others' sleep, making a mess, and quarantining yourself if you are sick)

Make sure to read and follow these rules to ensure a pleasant and safe stay for everyone.

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