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Kinabatangan Sunshine Lodge

Ilmainen peruutus Varaamalla yli 4 vuorokautta etukäteen voit peruuttaa ilmaiseksi.

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Kinabatangan Sunshine Lodge is designed for recreation and relaxing specializing for good value guest from international and domestic market.

Kinabatangan Sunshine Lodge focus to provide quality hospitality services to our guests in a comprehensive and cost competitive manner providing the activities, accommodations and experience when guest staying at our lodge.

You will be able to spot primates such as the ever-energetic long tail and pigtail macaques, the amazing sounding gibbons, the elusive tarsier, lazy slow loris and human liked orang utans. The main attraction is the proboscis monkeys; with its long nose and big belly, this primate is only found on the island of Borneo.

You will also be able to experience close encounters with a subspecies of the Asian elephant, the Borneo Pygmy elephant. These elephants are smaller in sizes, have rather large ears and longer tails than its Asian counterpart.

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Spectacular views and awesome private rooms. Couldn't speak for dorms, but generally a great choice.
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Pari, 18-24
Erittäin hyvä
I took the 3D,2N package for RM490. The river cruises does not include elephants (additional RM100). The 4 river cruises were exactly the same. The night walk got cancelled 1st night due to rain. 2nd night got cancelled after 5mins because the guide heard an elephant. Ox lake was full of tourists and no animals. I would do no more than 2 cruises & a night walk. Not worth 490. Separately would be better. 60 for cruise, 40 for treks. 120 for return transfers. Rooms were okay, food was nice.
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Nainen, 25-30
Our stay in Sunshine Lodge was in 1 word: amazing! Such friendly people, clean rooms and the food was delicious! I'm vegetarian and was honestly surprised with the variety the chef surprised me every day. Also the river cruises were unforgetable, so many animals to see! Not to mention the night walks, such an intense feeling being out there in the jungle with no one else around... I can highly recommend going to this wondeful place, I'm sure you won't regret it :)
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Nainen, 31-40


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