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It's around the ancient merchant road well known as 'Via Domitia' that the medieval city of Montpellier has been built centuries ago, and this is how, near from the mediterranean coast, that it has been able to draw its cultural wealth and its unique history who are only waiting for you to be rediscovered!

Let yourself be charmed by this town, colorful, which never sleeps. Montpellier will offer you the opportunity to discover the bestest of France while exploring the wealth of the Mediterranean's culture, with their typical gastronomies, their varied landscapes, their stories and and their populations. Montpellier will be without any doubts the heart of your next journey !

It's at the gates of the 'Ecusson' of Montpellier that the building of 'Le Maje' takes place, at a stone's throw from Saint Roch train station.
This new youth hostel is born from a childhood dream of three friends native of this same city. Two are real estate agents, the third is pharmacist, they all share the same old dream : to build a hostel in their hometown. They met again in 2016 to launch this project and it's a few years later that 'Le Maje' was born. Little by little the family grew and now they can't wait to meet you!

'Le Maje' offers the principle of a youth hostel, the service of a hotel and the comfort of home.
There are 11 mixed and single-sex dormitories of 6, 8 and 10 beds with a bathroom, separated toilet and air-conditioning in each of them, moreover there are two private double rooms, with one of them accessible to people with reduced mobility on the ground floor.
In the basement you will find a renovated cellar, with a chill area, a bar and a dining room.
The restaurant offers a menu specially designed for hostel residents for breakfast, meals and snacks.
Guests also have access to laundry facilities and the free Wi-Fi will keep you in touch with the rest of the world. The services offered by the establishment include blackout curtains (in bed too) and maintenance is provided daily.

'Le Maje' is located in the city center and is close to all needs and desires.
Let me explain:

Imagine you wake up and you get out of the right side of the bed (because you slept in the best bed possible designed by our architects and coming from Slovakia with a soft and soooo comfortable french mattress), and you wanna grab a coffee at the famous place “La Comédie”. Lets walk 6 minutes, and there you are, “Le Café Riche” at the center of the place is the best one, a bit expensive but still a good one, on site or to go it doesn't really matter.

After taking a good sip of a good latte coffee it's time to take a look at the fabulous “Fabre Museum”, a 4 walk of only 4 minutes separates you. Once you’re there the exquisite art amazed you, and you decide to stroll among the paintings of the famous name whose vestiges crossed generations and marked the spirits, Courbet, Delacroix, Monet and you stopped in front of the painting “L’ange Déchu” by Cabanel, the most interesting one, the one that can make you understand the pain of a fallen angel.

Well It’s noon and you came back to the hostel to grab your beach stuff before leaving for the playa ! You choose the beach of Carnon (where there are the fewest people), accessible by tramway line 3, you have to wait 26 minutes of tramway and a little and pretty walk of 20 minutes before jumping into the sea and to tan the rest of the day under the sun of the south coast listening to the album “Fine Line” by Harry Styles. We can dream, can’t we ?

Well it’s 6pm and you just came back from the beach and had a stop at the hostel to take a shower and to get dressed for a night out. First of all let’s eat at the best restaurant, “Le Meraki” a beautiful and soooo good restaurant next to the hostel, its menu, based on the mediterranean cuisine, is to be mouth-watering, (and only 10 seconds by walk, you can’t be late at the reservation ahah).

Now that your bellies are full, let's drink (remember that alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation) ! First stop the bar “Bockale” will welcome you with its beers brewed on site and it’s in the building next to the hostel (what a life). What’s a night out without a cocktail ? So at the second stop a martini, a cosmopolitan or a daïkiri will wait for you at the bar “Le Mustang”, it's just 9 minutes away and no need to take any public transport. Well it's time to dance now and “La Fumerie” is THE place to go for a before, and it’s so close that you will not even have the time to realize that you have left the bar.

1am in the morning and “La Fumerie” just closed but the night isn’t over for you ! you go back to the hostel to deposit some stuff before going to “Le Club” a nightclub located only 3 minutes away by walk ! Song over song, you are the life of the party and you are living the time of your life till the end of the night.

The alarm clock spikes, but another day another slay ! Maybe a bit hungry after all that ? The receptionist suggested you to take a brunch at “Bonobo” THE place for a brunch in Montpellier, 7 loooong minutes by walk between you and the fried eggs but once there it worthed it.

So, convinced ? Of course yes.

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Great hostel, clean, super nice friendly staff. Only flaw is that they are new, so no oven, stove, not a lot of ways to cook your own food. No laundry on site. Also the dorms do get very hot but not super important. They just opened 6 weeks ago so they are working on getting everything set up, super great start and will only get better with time!
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Nainen Group, 18-24
Erittäin hyvä
like some of the other reviews said, its a pretty new hostel (6 weeks old at the time of writing) so they are still setting stuff up— like no laundry yet, they only put up curtains halfway through my stay, and theres still stuff to improve on if possible. some things i feel important to note for those going into this— 1. the rooms are WAYYYY small to be packed with as many people as they did. there was no room for anything, as the lockers dont fit any travel backpacks either. like literally. so backpacks
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Nainen, 31-40
property was nice, small lockboxes made it difficult to fit my backpack though.
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Mies, 18-24


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